Residential and office buildings

For energy-intensive applications with a high power consumption, such as office buildings, residential buildings, hospitals or hotels, a combined heat and power module run with natural gas is an environmentally responsible and profitable solution. This means you can reduce your energy costs by up to 20 % with a natural gas CHP module. The energy generated on site gives you complete control over your heating and energy supply costs and ensures up to 90 % efficiency thanks to combined heat and power generation.

This is much more efficient than generating electricity and heat separately. Due to the compact, plug and play design, they can be installed easily by only taking limited space because all components as the drive unit, heat exchangers, pumps, silencers, controls and switchgear are mounted on a common frame and are ready piped and cabled. The optional sound enclosure is mounted on the same frame and reduces the sound level to less than 70 dB(A). Our generators covers a power range from 37 to 550 kW.