Wastewater treatment plants

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a proven technology for sewage sludge treatment and which allows generation of renewable energy from the same process. During AD, microorganisms break down the organic matter contained in the sludge and convert it into biogas, a mixture of mainly methane and carbon dioxide, which can be used for electricity, heat and biofuel production. CHP is an attractive option for wastewater treatment plants that have, or are planning to install anaerobic digesters. The biogas flow from the digester can be used as fuel to generate electricity and heat in CHP units.

The thermal energy produced by the CHP system is then typically used to meet digester heat loads, as well as for space heating in other plant buildings. The electricity generated can offset all or most of a treatment plant’s electric power demand, and excess generation can be sold to the grid for additional revenue. Our CHP units are ideal for meeting the electricity and heat demand for wastewater treatment plants with output range up to 580 kW and can be supplied as stand-alone units or in pre-plumbed and wired containers.